Which book should you buy?

What books to buy?

The Irish Times/HeraldOnline/Getty ImagesWhat books should you read?

In an age when so many people seem to be looking for the most relevant book to read, a recent survey revealed that many book lovers are looking for books with the right titles.

According to a survey of 2,000 book buyers, it is a popular trend to seek out titles with titles that have been nominated for awards.

According a study conducted by the Irish Times, which surveyed 1,200 book buyers in the UK, it was also found that a majority of those book lovers said they wanted books that they could recommend.

“We have the widest range of titles on offer, from children’s books to the most prestigious science books,” said Fiona Doyle, head of research at The Irish Booksellers Association.

“Our titles are chosen from our extensive selection of publishers to ensure that the best titles are being read by readers from across the UK.”

Among the most popular titles were the children’s title, The Princess and the Pea by James Patterson, and the fantasy title, Tales of a Stormy Day by J.K. Rowling.

“Most of the titles are well received and enjoyed by readers, but it’s a great pleasure to recommend books to new and established readers,” Doyle added.

According the study, the titles were selected based on their popularity and the impact on readers.

“These are books that readers can look forward to reading and can recommend to others,” Doyle said.

“It also provides an opportunity for readers to read more books with titles like those from the top three or four in the survey.”

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