Lucas County booking guide: Free audio books for everyone

Lucas County, Indiana is a city of about 16,000, and the county’s bookstores and libraries have been selling their audio books and audiobooks to the public since 2016. 

Libraries and bookstores in Indiana have become an increasingly popular location for audioballs, as more and more people have become interested in learning about their local culture. 

For example, in 2019, the Indiana State Library of Congress partnered with The Audio Project to host the audiobook series “The History of Indiana,” which features the history of the state. 

The audio series, which was also co-produced by the Indiana Historical Society, was released in May 2019 and is currently available on and iTunes. 

And, in 2018, the Lucas County Bookstore was a new option for audiobook lovers who wanted to discover local history in a new way. 

“We had a great opportunity to make the Lucas county library more accessible and affordable to families,” said Lucas County Public Library director Julie Smith. 

After years of research, the public library and the Lucas library created “The Audio Book Series” to share their local history with the public, and with help from a special digital platform, it was released on iTunes in September 2019.

Audiobook lovers and the community have been excited about the series for years, as it focuses on the past, present, and future of Indiana. 

Audiobooks are a form of digital storytelling, which means that each individual is given a story to tell. 

So, the idea of audiobook series is to create a narrative for each individual who reads the audio books to show how their family or community is connected to the past or the present, according to Smith.

In addition to a series of audio books written by local authors, the series features original songs, and includes the history and culture of Indiana from the perspective of the people who lived there during the Civil War to the present day. 

In the last three years, the audio series has been released to the general public on audiobook websites such as iTunes and Amazon. 

Smith said that more and a few audiobook publishers have joined the effort, and she hopes that more people will learn about the history behind the Lucasville community and the importance of its books. 

With a growing interest in learning more about the region’s past, the focus on preserving Indiana’s heritage, and local history and cultures, Smith hopes that “The Book of Lucas” will help those interested in the history, culture, and stories of the area to connect to the local culture, which she said is something that the public can relate to. 

 “I think that the Lucas community is a place that has a rich history that’s important to those who have lived here, and we want to preserve that, she said. 

Read more about audioball culture and history in Lucas County here:

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