How to use a Twitter account to build a new one: 2 ways to get started

By now you probably know that Twitter allows you to post links to your own posts on your profile, but if you’re like most of us, you also want to be able to share the content you create with your followers.

Here’s how to get a Twitter user to like or retweet a post.


Start with a link in your bio 2.

Make sure the user can see your bio 3.

Give them a few seconds to review the content before they share it 4.

Share the link in their bio with your fans.

Tweet This Article You can start with a single tweet by opening the tweet in a new tab and using the tweet tool.

Select the text and click the ‘Edit’ button.

You can then add hashtags and links, and make sure the text is visible in a way that other people can see it.

Once you’ve added the text to your bio, click the link and choose the ‘Share’ button from the dropdown menu.

The link will open in a separate tab.


Create an account for a new Twitter account 3.

Click the ‘Account’ button to create an account.

Enter your username and password and click ‘Create’.

Enter a title for the account and click Create.

This will automatically generate an email for the new account.

You’ll also be sent a new URL that you can use to subscribe to the account.


Create a new bio for the newly created account 5.

Fill in the bio fields in your new bio and click Submit.

This should automatically create a new profile for you, along with a new tweet.

Now, your new Twitter user can follow you.

Click on the link for your bio and then choose the new post.


Share your new tweet and the new bio link will automatically open in another tab.


Share this link to the rest of your Twitter followers 8.

Your new bio will be retweeted in their timeline 9.

Click ‘Follow’ at the bottom of the page to follow your new account and the posts that you’ve shared.


When you share a new post, the new tweet will automatically be displayed in the tweet stream.

You should now see the new link in the top right corner of your timeline.

Follow these steps to add new tweets to your account.

1: Open a new Tab 2.

Click in the search bar at the top of your screen and search for “Twitter”.


Select your Twitter username and click “Add”.


Choose your Twitter bio and type in your name, @twitter.


Choose a new hashtag and click Add.

6 (Optional) Click the check box next to ‘Add’.


Select ‘Share this link with your Twitter users’ to share your new post with your friends.

This link will also automatically open on your Twitter timeline.


Share a new link with a friend.

This URL will open a new TweetStream for the link to your new user.


Tweet the link with the username you just created.

10 (Optional): Click the link at the end of the tweet and then click ‘Edit’.

You’ll see a new window where you can add a caption and change the text for the tweet.

Clicking the ‘Add’ button at the very end of this window will automatically populate a new avatar and share options for the user.

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