How to buy a stack of books for a football book club

A stack of football books can cost up to €10,000.

That’s according to one of the most successful book clubs in Europe, which has managed to find a way to sell more than a million books to fans. 

A stack of over 1,000 books on the eve of the European Championship in Romania last year, which was organised by book-shop chain Farragut, sold for €1,000 each.

Farragoni’s owner and the head of its bookshop, Louis Dickens, is now considering expanding the club to other European cities.

“I’m a football fan and we all know how much a book costs, we want to do it even more,” Dickens said.

“I have a book for every single football fan in the world, from the top level to the next level.”

Dickens started selling books at his local bookshop in 2008.

Now the club is looking to increase its book-buying capacity by 10 times and has a network of booksellers in five different countries. 

“It’s all about getting people together,” Dicken said. 

The club has had a successful run with book-sales since it was founded in 2009.

According to Farragarin, the book-seller is in the process of getting another book club in Romania set up in the country’s capital. 

Dickens also plans to introduce a second book club for the future in France, although he did not have a specific date set. 

Farraguti has found that many football fans are unaware that they can buy books through the internet.

“We started with a small bookshop and then we started to sell a lot of books,” Dickins said.

The books are usually given to fans who don’t have the money to buy the books themselves. 

In Romania, Farragoi has a total of 7,700 booksells, most of which are located in cities in the eastern part of the country. 

Despite the success of the club, Dickens is not the only one in the business.

In Italy, a bookshop called Este dei Pizzas has also become a major player in the bookselling industry.

Este Pizza has around 15,000 booksellies in four countries and sells more than 400,000 football books a year.

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