How to book a Star Wars book case for a kid with autism

It’s a big book case with lots of Star Wars books on it.

But the books inside are actually for adults only, and there’s no child-friendly feature.

For children with autism, books and playthings are a big part of the world around them, and the kids in the family may not have the same experiences.

So it’s hard for a bookcase to be the perfect fit for them.

“It’s like putting a child on a roller coaster and trying to keep them on their wheels,” says Elizabeth Mardis.

“I’m not a big fan of children in wheelchairs.”

The bookcase’s creators say they created the Star Wars Bookcase because they want to help children who have difficulty reading and understand the world they live in.

“It is so much fun to go to play and to see people, so there’s so much excitement when you go out, so you’re not feeling tired,” said Mardas husband.

“There’s so many different people.

And you’re able to take a child in a room, and they’ll be able to see the characters and their story.”

The Mardises also wanted to create something that would be a bit like a Star Trek experience for kids.

“The only reason that we could not make it a child-safe bookcase is because we couldn’t find a parent who was in the same situation as the parents and that would have been a great fit for us,” said Elizabeth.

“There are lots of people who have been on this journey and they’re not going to be able just to walk into a store, because there are so many barriers in the way.”

They were able to find a mom who was happy to talk to them about the bookcase.

“She’s really excited about it,” said Mark.

“She has a lot of children.

We’re just thrilled that we found her.

She’s really happy that she’s found it.”

The couple says their new bookcase makes a difference for their son, who has autism and a developmental delay.

“We were really worried that we were going to lose him, and he would not like it,” Mark said.

“It’s been really great to have a place where he can be able come and interact with us, and it’s just really good for him to be with other people who are interested in him.”

The family plans to keep the bookcases on display at the Mardislaus home for now.

The parents say they are excited to see if the book case catches on and become a regular fixture in their home.

“Hopefully it will be in the store soon,” said Matthew.

“If not, we’re going to make a new book case.”

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