This is how to be a bad boyfriend

The first step to getting a good boyfriend is acknowledging your weaknesses.

This isn’t to say you can’t try to impress someone with a nice gesture or a cute face.

However, the way you do this, how you interact with people and what you say are the most important factors in determining how you will be able to attract the right person. 

This article is a guide to how to find your right partner. 


Understand Your Personal Style You will probably have different interests and preferences.

If you are a social butterfly, you may not be interested in going out with everyone you know, and you may even find it more appealing to spend time with people who you can talk to.

But if you are more reserved and shy, you can be less comfortable hanging out with people you know.

So understanding your personal style is key to finding a partner.

You will probably also have different goals, so you might not be in the same mindset when you meet someone. 


Think About Your Relationship in Context The way you interact can also influence how you find someone, says Matthew McKonaughee, a clinical psychologist and author of Love Is Love: Why People Make the Perfect Romantic Match. 


Choose a Personality Type You don’t need to have an IQ of 70 to find a great partner.


Learn Your Friends Personality Type When you see a great-looking guy, you will want to date him, says Kevin J. Sullivan, an author and speaker on relationships and parenting.

The same applies for girls.

People who like to play dress up and wear cute clothes tend to have good friends, he says.

They also tend to be good listeners and are also less likely to judge others on their appearance.

This is because being confident and assertive gives them the confidence to speak up when someone needs to be listened to.

This can also help you in dating. 


Choose an Age Range You want to find someone who is compatible with your age range.

“If you are younger than 20, you are looking for someone who has had relationships,” says Sullivan.

“You are looking to find people who are 20 or older, who have had relationships.

If your 30s are looking, that’s a lot different than a 40-year-old.”

You want a guy who is in your 20s and 30s who has been through relationships and has a lot of experience in them.

You also want a younger guy who has a similar level of education to you, but is also in your 30-s.


Be Careful About How You Present Yourself When You Meet SomeoneYou may think that someone you meet will be the perfect boyfriend, but you can end up dating someone who you think you will never see again, says Sullivan, who is also a psychology professor.

You might not feel comfortable expressing your feelings, and it might make you feel like you have to “be that guy.”

So, you need to think about how you present yourself, he explains.

“It’s important that you don’t feel like the guy is the guy.

I think it’s important to be honest, but it’s also important to say, ‘I’ve got to get to know you better, I have to have a conversation, I need to know if you would like to meet again.’

It’s really important that the guy you are meeting says, ‘We need to get back together,'” he says, adding that you can get this information from a variety of sources, including a dating coach, social media, a dating website, and other people you are in contact with. 


Try Your Best to Get To Know Each Other You might think that you are dating someone for the right reasons, but Sullivan cautions that not every guy will be ready to meet you.

“Most guys don’t get it,” he says of how guys may feel about dating a friend.

You should also make sure you know what to expect when you do meet.

You can get an idea of what you will like about someone by asking them about themselves and how they would like their relationship to progress, he adds. 


Look For a “Friendly” Guy to Go With YouYou should also look for a guy that you think will be a good match for you.

But don’t make assumptions about who will be okay with that, he warns.

“The good thing is that, at least with guys, you have a good conversation and that can happen very quickly,” he adds, referring to how quickly you can go from conversation to conversation. 


Talk About the Date You Are Having with Someone Before You Meet Them”If you’re dating someone, I don’t want to get into a discussion about whether you’re a bad or good guy,” he explains, adding, “If I get it right, I like the person and I think they are going to be great for me.”

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