The Washington County Bookings Agency says it was warned by the FBI to stop using children’s books to book children’s movies and games

A Washington County bookings agency says it’s being warned by federal authorities to stop publishing child porn online.

The Washington County Adult Entertainment Business Association says it received a memo from the FBI on Oct. 10 instructing it to stop booking books and movies for the adult entertainment industry, citing “a high risk of exposing minors to sexually explicit material.”

The group says the FBI warned it had received a tip from a law enforcement official, who said the agency was using the books and films of children as pornography.

The FBI told the association that it has a “policy against the publishing or distribution of child pornography,” according to the group.

It also warned that booking adult entertainment was a federal crime, and that it was prohibited.

The adult entertainment business association said it’s concerned that booking a book for the movies or games would allow someone who has the legal right to do so to sell the material, and would be in violation of federal law.

“I’m afraid that a book can be sold to a child and sold to someone else for use as a pornographic image,” said John Riedel, the association’s president.

“If a book is used for a child, it is a violation of the law.”

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI contacted the sheriff’s office in April about a suspect who was selling pornographic images of children online.

The agency told the sheriff the suspect was operating in the county.

According to a Washington County spokesperson, the sheriff told the agency the suspect “had no criminal record,” and was not “known to the sheriff.”

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