The ultimate guide to the world’s best-known novels and the best-selling nonfiction title of 2018

When you want a book that has been around for decades, or even a new book, you may want to search for the author’s name on Amazon or some other online retailer.

But if you are looking for something new, a novel by one of the world ‘s most well-known authors could be just the thing.

What are the best nonfiction books of 2018?


“Caveat Emptor”: The life and times of the late American novelist and novelist of science fiction, author James Michener, by the way, is out on Amazon.

Micheners most recent novel, “The Caveat Emptic”, is also out on the US publisher’s site.


“A Good Man is Hard to Find”: The memoir of the US journalist and novelist, David Carr, by US journalist Daniel Engber, is also published by US publisher HarperCollins.


“The Secret History of the Human Body”: The story of the discovery of the human body, the human genome, the emergence of the immune system, and the evolution of disease by Dr Stephen Jay Gould, by Australian biologist and evolutionary biologist Steven Pinker, is published by Penguin.


“Life of Pi”: In his latest book, Richard Dawkins describes how his ideas about life evolved over time.


“Fiction” by Daniel Clowes: A new novel by the novelist Daniel Clotfelter, about a family of twins, is being published by William Morrow in the UK by Penguin and Random House.


“Babylon Road”: Novelist and science fiction author, Jonathan Lethem, by his own account, has published three new books, all of which have been well-reviewed by critics and are available in Amazon’s UK, US and German Kindle stores.


“Narcissism and Autobiography”: The first novel by Canadian writer, Ian McEwan, is currently out on Hachette.


“Renaissance Man”: In a series of novels, former Hollywood film director, Paul Thomas Anderson, by himself, is the latest to have his first book out on ebook, from a publisher not far from where he grew up. 9.

“Black Mirror”: The sci-fi thriller “Black Rain”, by British writer and actor William Bond, is now out on iBooks and on Kindle, and is being read by a select group of journalists and academics.


“Wakefield”: The novel by British author James Baldwin, about the birth of an Australian, is available on Amazon for $17.99.


“Muse”: The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by James Baldwin is now in the public domain.


“My Brilliant Career” by Pauline Kael: In the US, the novel “My Lovely Head” by Kael has been in the works for nearly a year.


“Invisible Children”: The “Invisibility Project” documentary by the UK journalist and author, Andrew Mitchell, about “institutional racism” in Britain is now available on YouTube and other sites.


“Lincoln” by Lincoln Steffens: The novel “Lyon” is now published by Simon & Schuster.


“Love and War”: The bestselling nonfiction book by Australian novelist and essayist, Elizabeth Kolbert, about how the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought is now being translated into French and Italian.


“What I Am: My Life in Photography” by British photographer, James Patterson, is already out on sale on Amazon, and he has also released a book of essays about his work.


“Tristram Shandy”: The new novel of the former journalist and journalist-turned-actor, Joe Hill, is coming out on Penguin and Penguin Classics.


“Zodiac” by American novelist Stephen King, now available in paperback, is just out in paperback and Kindle.


“Dance of the Five Rings” by Mark Lawrence: “Dancing of the Fifth Rings”, by Mark Lutz, is a book about how people become part of the show by performing the parts.


“We Are the World: How the World is Changing” by Canadian author and journalist, Mary Anne Franks, is in the process of being translated.


“It’s the End of the World As We Know It: An Insider’s Guide to the Enduring Impact of Climate Change” by writer-activist, Bill McKibben, is set to be released by Penguin Books.


“Oryx and Crake: A Love Story” by author and playwright, Anne McCaffrey, is about how an unlikely couple finds love after being separated for five years.


“Pale Blue Dot” by Neil Gaiman: “Penguin Books is releasing a new, omnibus collection of Gaiman’s best non-fiction works, which will include a collection of

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