How to buy your first book: Agatha Christie books are on sale for $1,000

What to buy: Agathia Christie’s books are available for purchase for a limited time only for $2,500. 

How to read them: Agamemnon’s daughter Agamema Christie was a great cook and writer, but when she was a young girl, her father and the great queen Agamemanus accidentally killed a horse in the process. 

She died young, and her ghost haunts the castle, which is haunted by a young man named Erich von Englisch, who will do anything to find his lost love. 

What to do with it: Agamarie Christie’s first novel, The Rose of Agamamemone, is set in the early 1600s, when her father was the king of France and she was only a young child. 

When the book comes out, you can get it for a grand total of $2.9 million, but the price is a little higher for the hardcover version, which has a hardcover cover and comes with an engraved embossed title and a hardback book jacket. 

This one has an additional title and extra pictures, but you can find the paperback version for $3,250. 

Why it’s important: Agarthia Christie has a reputation for being a master of storytelling.

She wrote over 700 novels, including more than a dozen of the best-selling novels in the world.

She was a master storyteller and a master reader.

She also wrote about a lot of different people, including some of the most powerful men in history, including Charles II, Napoleon, and George Washington. 

So, if you want to get a copy of her best-known work, get it now. 

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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