How the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode will end.

The Big Bang theory is the term for the theory that a new theory is discovered and then confirmed to be true by a large number of people who are not in the scientific community.

It originated in 1998, and it’s now the most popular theory in the world, with more than 2.3 billion people subscribing to its theories.

So it’s probably a good idea to know the truth about it, right?


It’s hard to overstate how much science has changed since the theory first started being debated, and how much it still has to learn.

For example, the most common theory, the one that scientists say explains most of the world’s weather and climate, is now known to be wrong.

Scientists have discovered that our planet is not the center of the universe and that the universe is billions of light years away.

This means that our solar system is far too far away to have formed from a massive black hole.

But it’s also proven impossible for astronomers to see galaxies, stars, and planets.

And even though our solar systems are not directly observable, there are signs of other bodies that exist far from the sun that have not yet been discovered.

Scientists have also learned that there is nothing in our universe that can create a black hole, and that any matter we encounter has to be of ordinary matter.

And we know that the Universe is expanding, and the Big Bang created the Universe, which is expanding.

That means that there are lots of stars in the Universe and plenty of planets around.

And because we live in a hot, dense, star-rich galaxy, these planets can have life, and we’ve found evidence of life elsewhere in the galaxy.

The Big Boo Theory is also an incorrect theory because it doesn’t explain the Big Crunch, a phenomenon where matter that’s already existed is pushed further into the Universe by the Big Boo.

For more, read The Big Boom Theory: What It Is, What It Means, How To Learn More.

This article was originally published on July 18, 2017.

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