Clinton: ‘I am not a puppet’ to Republicans

New Jersey Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday she doesn’t want to be a puppet to Republican Gov.

Chris Christie because she is a “good person.”

“I don’t want anyone to take me to task for my political beliefs,” Warren said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“My faith is strong.

My belief is strong, and I want to continue to believe in that faith.

But I do not want anybody taking me to battle for them.

And if I am taken to battle, I’m going to fight,” Warren continued.

Warren, who endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last month, has repeatedly said she doesn:///s/r/pizzagate/comments/qfj5kq/soros_soros-funded_tuesday_bill_and_we_will_fight_for/sj1fz8p/?utm_content=rss&utm_medium=rss.

“I am a good person.

And I want people to know that,” she said.

But Warren added that she does not want to play into the hands of her former boss.

“I am going to stand up for my principles.

And that’s not going to happen if I’m not a good, decent person.

Because that’s who I am.

I am not the puppet to the Republicans.

I’m the puppet of the Koch Brothers,” Warren told CNN.”

We’re going to beat back the Koch brothers.

We’re going the Kochs way.

We are going to defeat this evil.

And the Koch family, the Koch brother, the billionaire, I think, is going to have to answer for what they’ve done to the poor and the middle class in New Jersey,” she continued.”

That is not who I want as a leader,” she added.

But she said she is “not a puppet” to Christie.

“He’s a great man.

I have great respect for him,” she told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.”

If we have a Republican president, I will fight for that president, and it’s not just for me.

I will also fight for those working men and women that have been working hard to make New Jersey the place it is, that we’re going forward,” she concluded.”

So, let’s go to war.

Let’s win,” Warren concluded.

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