‘Bible’ – I would never get into a fight with a stranger: ‘Biblical’ – The man who says it is true, the man who is not – in 10 minutes

A man who has lived in America for over a decade and who was raised in the same area, has a message for the man whose claim that Jesus was crucified on a cross is a lie.

The man, who is in his 50s, is known only as Jens, but has spent the past two years in the U.S. He was invited to the Ufological Society of America meeting in Philadelphia in February.

Jens told the group he had been raised in Florida and spent time in the Bahamas.

He said he had never heard of the story of Jesus being crucified.

He described the incident as “fantastic” and said he was willing to tell the truth about it.

“I think he [Jesus] was crucated on a pole.

I think it’s a myth, but I also think it could be true,” Jens said.

“I think it has been brought up and is in the Bible.

But if you look at the whole Bible, it is not a myth.

Jesus was killed and buried in a tomb in the desert.

The body was moved from the tomb and laid out on the road.

And then the next day it was dug up and the body was brought back and the head was removed and he was crucify.”

He said he does not believe in a single thing about the Bible, which he believes was written by men who did not know the Gospel and who are now dead.

He believes the stories of the dead, the resurrection, and the birth of Jesus are all stories from the imagination of a few people.

“The bible is just a collection of myths.

I’m going to give you a few myths,” he said.

Jens said he has been reading the bible every day for years.

He also said he is a member of the National Association of Booksellers and Collectors, and that he has never been a member, despite the fact he has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of the Bible in the past.

The association, which also has chapters in New York, is not affiliated with the book club, Jens added.

“They are just selling their books,” he explained.

“You know, when I was in the middle of the Atlantic, I saw a book and I said, ‘You know what?

I’ve got to buy this book.’

And the guy said, `You know the book is not going to sell.'”

Jens also noted that many Christians have started selling their copies, although he said it was more common to buy new books, which would have to be re-sold.

He said some of his book club members have been so interested in the topic that they have bought thousands of books and have written books about it in their spare time.

He told the audience at the meeting that the Bible is not the only book in the world that is true.

“We’ve got books in the Qur’an, in the Old Testament, in a few ancient books and the Book of Revelation, that are all accurate,” he noted.

“It is true that the bible is the word of God, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of evidence to suggest that there are things that have been fabricated in it.

It doesn’t prove that it’s accurate.”

The book club said it does not endorse any religion or belief system.

However, it says it welcomes those who want to discuss and challenge their own beliefs.

The Bible is one of the most popular books in North America, and it is available in more than a dozen languages, according to the American Library Association.

Jents book club did not respond to an email seeking comment.

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