Agatha Christie: The book is worth the price of admission

Agatha Christie’s The Secret Life of Agatha Doyle is the best-selling book of all time and it’s time to buy it, says the publisher.

News24 asked Christie herself to weigh in on the issue, and she said: “It’s a book I have loved since I was young and still love.

I know it’s a controversial subject, and I understand why it is.

I’ve never really been a critic.

I just love it.”

Read more: The Secret World of Agathias book is ‘worth the price’ for anyone with a taste for mysteries”I do not know whether Agatha was a good writer.

She’s a genius, but I also don’t know whether she was a very good writer either.

I think her work is very much in keeping with her personal style and sensibility,” she continued.”

It’s true that she’s an English novelist who was born in a wealthy family, so I think that is an aspect of her writing that she enjoyed.”

But I do not agree with the way she wrote about her family.

I can see why people find her writing so difficult, but if I’m reading it I do so from a distance, and not from the outside.

“The Secret World is the most well-known of Christie’s books, with millions of copies sold worldwide and its influence still felt by today’s writers.

The author’s books were first published in the 1960s, and by the late 70s she had moved to England, where she worked as a TV writer.

Christie’s career spanned two decades, and in the years following her death in 2004, her literary agent James Hill revealed that the author had penned a number of novels for children.”

Agatha’s secret world was created to entertain, to be a vehicle for young children to get their imagination going and learn how to think and to be imaginative, which is something we can’t teach,” Hill said.”

One of the things we think Agatha wrote was for children to be able to explore their imagination.

I hope the children of today will read Agatha’s books and think: ‘Why am I reading this?’

“Christie was known for her writing in a very playful way, but also for her tenderness and her sense of empathy.”

I think her writing is so beautiful because she was very much aware of her surroundings, her surroundings were her friends and her neighbours,” said Hill.”

She knew that they all loved her.

That was part of her genius.

“So she knew that there was a lot of work in her to do.”

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